The Old Flame

by Robert Lowell


Munch – Steffen Kverneland

Very, very strange comic book-style biography of Edvard Munch. It used mostly books, diary entries, and Munch’s paintings to tell the story. Plus soem comic book style dialog between the author and his buddy discussing Munch.

I new most of the biographical material before, but a good review. A fun read, very original (at least to me) concept.


Being Nixon: A Man Divided – Evan Thomas


I Want a President

by Zoe Leonard


Exercise Totals – 2108

The total number of sessions : 000301 
The total number of minutes : 014046 

The total number of sessions –  tennis: 000023
The total number of minutes –  tennis: 002310

The total number of sessions – spinning: 000035
The total number of minutes – spinning: 001730

The total number of sessions – strength: 000078
The total number of minutes – strength: 002735

The total number of sessions – running: 000165
The total number of minutes – running: 007271
The total number of miles     – running: 000663

The total number of sessions – rowing: 000000
The total number of minutes – rowing: 000000
The total number of meters     – rowing: 000000


After Apple Picking

by Robert Frost


A Great Hope Fell

by Robert Frost


Lyndon Johnson – Charles Peter

Enjoyable, short and to the point biograph of LBJ. This book was just the right amount of depth for me.

Born in was born in 1908 in Texas. Not a good student. Mother was dominant force in his life. Went to a small teachers college in Texas. During college, worked as a teacher in a very poor town. Worked very hard, helped the students. Organized many activities for them such as sports leagues etc.

Was the editor of the school newspaper. Participated in debate club.

Got a job with a Texas Congressman, Richard Kleberg, a liberal. Used this first major connection to forward career. Became Congressman, served in military while in Congress, then Senator from Texas. Lost first run due to election fraud. Committed his own fraud to win the second time.

Extremely successful Senator. Very good at using rules to his advantage, building coalitions, and when that didn’t work, twisting arms. Very persuasive.

JFK made his his VP, mostly to help win the south. Bob Kennedy hated him. John was ok with him.

Worked hard to forward JFK’s agenda. Extraordinarily successful on the domestic side. Struggled with Vietnam.

(fill in details later)


Kennedy – Michael O’Brien


Tubers, Moisture

One of the experts said if tubers are dug after first frost, then should leave bags open for a few days in order to let moisture escape.

Makes sense. Opened all the bags. Will let air for a couple days, then  retie.



In Flanders Fields

by John McRae


Her Kind

by Anne Sexton


Don’t let it be forgotten, that once there was a spot, for one brief shining moment that was known as Camelot, and it will never be that way again. – Jackie Kennedy


Happen is really a kind of machine for producing the poetic state of mind by means of words. Paul Valery


Dwight D. Eisenhower – Tom Wicker

DrBorn texas.
West point.good football player. Knee iinjury
Aide to MacArthur army.
Marshall thought well of him. Sent him to London. Churchill liked
Command of operation torch
Called himself a liberal Republican. But was really.
Was in favour of u n control of atomic weapons
President of Columbia
Beat Stevenson in 1952.
Nixon’s checkers speech
 “I will go to Korea”
 named dulle s as secretary of state
Nsc papers. Written by cabinet about issues around world. They became policy. Sometimes for too long, after they were outdated
End of Korean war. Voluntary reparation
Adop red policy of containment (from truman)
Truman gave aid to frenc h to help with Vietnam. Wanted to ensure France didn’t go commie
James McGovern. First U.S. Man to die in Vietnam. 1954
Domino theory
Eisenhower approved two secret wars. One in Iran and one in Guatemala. Started country down a slippery slope.
M. Nationalized Anglo-iranian oil comp in 1951. Eisenhower approved operation ajax.
Eisenhower cut off aid money. M. Started trade talks with russia. Ousted shah from head of army.  These moves sparked commie fears.
Operation success in Guatemala
Atoms for peace
Brown vs board of education. Eisenhower disagreed with the decision.
Eisenhower nominated earl Warren supreme court. Warren immediately voted for Brown
executive privilege
Irving preress
McCarthy hearings. “Have you no decency sir?”
Gop lost Congress in 1954
Changhi chec controlled Taiwan
Eisenhower signed mutual defense with Taiwan
Open skies proposal
Interstate highway system
Lawrence seaway opened (nothing to do with it)
Two years balanced budget
Suez canal war
Hungary crisis
Little rock governor faubus. Eisenhower Denton army
Egypt and Syria formed United Arab republic.
Arab union formed 1958. By Jordan and Iraq
Arms race in middle East
Eisenhower sent forces in at invitation of saudis
Successful. Weakened Russian influence
Curtailed spending and raised interest rates. Recession. Nixon fucked.
Disliked kennedy
Eisenhower didn’t like Nixon either. Didn’t really work for his election
Nixon didn’t aggressively use Eisenhower either. Petty.
Eisenhower suggested Nixon be replaced with Rockefeller
Eisenhower announced a unilateral ban on atmospheric nuclear testing. Soviets were then forced to follorsuit.
Powers U2 crash. Ended hopes of nuclear treaty.
Eisenhower tried to cover-up u2 incident. Didn’t know Soviets had proof
Military industrial complex was his farewell speech.

Killing the Love

by Ann Sexton


When a Man Enters a Woman

by Ann Sexton


The Kite

by Ann Sexton


The Road Back

by Ann Sexton


Citizen Solider: A Life of Harry Truman – Aida Donald

Born in Missouri. Mother was college educated. Big influence on his life. Truman was a mama’s boy.
Didn’t to college. No dough.
Worked at a bank. Did well.diligent worker.
Father lost most family money speculating on grain futures. Harry had to come home and help on the farm
Tried business venture in mining,and then in oil. Both failed.
Joined army in 1917. Net Harry Vaughn and Jim Pendergast during training. Very successful captain of a artillery brigade.
Married after the war. Open haberdashery store. Failed.
Got involved in the Pendergast politico underworld. Write the Pickwick papers describing his guilt.
Truman was a very energetic county judge. Spearheaded many initiatives. Write paper And Results of County Planning.
Won election to Senate. Called congressman from Pendergast.
WPA – works progress administration.
Supported FDR, especially land lease act.
Was not a strong new deal supporter but in general did support.
Headed special committee to investigate the national defense program. (Hilary Clinton wanted a similar committee to investigate Iraq Afghan wars. Republican s defeated it.)
Churchill coined “the iron curtain.”
 bombed killed thousands. Other hand Japanese killed many more in China Indochina Malaysia Thailand etc. Ruthless. Marshall thought would save 250k American. Not clear if anybody knew radiation would have been so bad. Japs had 115k American prisoners. We’re threatening to kill them. Bataan death March.
Book say MacArthur democratized japan.
Truman sent flotilla to Mediterranean to protect Turkey from Soviets. They had designs on Iran too.
Kennan memos about containing Russia
To err is Truman…
Lost Congress to hop
Established national science foundation. CIA.
Truman doctrine. Assist any nation threatened by Soviets
Piano player in a whore house was said by Truman
Balfour declaration = England agreement give Jewish own state after ww1
P. 185 1946 election. Formed Republican party as known today. Objective = remove new deal
Beat Dewey
Created NATO
Korean war
assassination attempt.

Harry Truman’s Excellent Adventure- Matthew Algeo

Fun little book about Harry and Bess’ drive from from Independence, Missouri to D.C. after his presidency was over. Back in the day a president didn’t get a pension, secret service, or anything. Truman was basically just another guy, albeit another guy that was a president. He wanted to take a cross-country trip as just another guy, but of course it didn’t workout quite that way.  Author made the story interesting,  weaving a bit of history, Truman’s  backstory, his own story, and geography into the narrative.


Jonathan Richman Show

Saw Richman again at the 9:30 show.

Complaints. Too short. He only played part of both Summer Feeling and Affection. 🙁

Still a great show. I’m  glad I  found out about him. He has a very unique sensibility, outlook.

The highlight for me was “When We Refuse to Suffer”, a song I  was not familar with before. Profound.

Sad Trumpets of the Afternoon was another highlight.

People Are Disqusting.

The one in Italian (?). “Feel bad about  that for  a year” etc..




Steve Forbert: My Life in Folk Rock

Autobiograph of Steve Forbert, on of my favorite lesser-known singer songwriters. Steve Forbert fans should read this book. Lots of great background information on his recordings.

He give the best definition of folk music I’ve heard. If at least 20% of a song is similar to what Woody Guthrie did, then it’s folk music.

Enjoyed hearing his thoughts on fathering twin boys.


FDR – Jean Smith


Homesick for Another World – Otessa Moshfegh










Short stories by an American-Iranian writer. Very dark, very quirky. I  particularly like the very first story, Bettering Myself. Need to read that one again.

Sometimes her stories seem just weird, but not weird in a good way. Just kind of too far out there.