Heart of a Dog – Laurie Anderson film

I liked this movie quite a bit. Like all her work, I have trouble fitting it all together. What exactly she’s trying to say? What is the theme that ties it  all together? These questions I have trouble answering.

On the other hand, her work is incredibly inventive, and I love the combination of music, words, and images. Five stars. 

Hidden Figures

Saw Hidden Figures yesterday. 

The history was interesting. A group of black women working at NASA in the “computing” department. One in particular, Katherine Jackson, played a significant role in solving the mathematical problems associated with the project.

The movie itself though is not so great. Boring script, very predictable plot, cliche-ridden, and teeth-grinding bad acting. 


Watched A Man Named Ove – by Hannes Holm

Directed and written by Hannes Holm. Swedish.

I liked it. Sort of the non-violent swedish version of Clint Eastwood’s Grand Torino. The movie is full of cliches, and the heart-warming ending can  be seen coming  from the very beginning.  Still, the movie is highly enjoyable. The characters are believable, and their relationships feel right.  It also has more than it’s share of laughs.