Zachary Taylor – John Eisenhower

Born in Virginia,  raised in Kentucky. Sporadic education due to take of school on frontier. Made a name for  himself in military.  Nicknamed “Old Rough and Ready”. Lead a series of  mostly successful battles during the Mexican War.  Not much of a planner, but good at improvising.

Ran for president – reluctantly – as a Whig.  He would be the last Whig to be elected  president. Died just a few months into  his term, perhaps due to food poisoning.

Went to Studio Theatre to See Object Lesson

I  wanted the boys to see a play a bit off the beaten trail. Mission accomplished. Play used boxes of stuff stored in an attic to represent our past experiences. Set was a huge attic full of boxes; no seats, the actor wandered around the room, pulling stuff out and looking thru the boxes. No seats -we sat on boxes.  Definitely a worthwhile experience. The bit where he makes salad with ice skates was particularly funny.

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Went to See Nationals – Greatest Game Ever

We went to see the Nats play the Twins yesterday. What a game.

Game story.

Strasburg started, pitched well until he gave up a three-run homer late. Harper pinch-hit in the eight, homered like the stud he is to tie the game. Nats ran out of position players, so pitchers pinch-hit, hit for themselves. in the 15th, relief pitcher Perez laid down a good bunt, but  the catcher in his rush overthrew first base, and Espinoza scored from second to tie it. Heisey of all people homered in the bottom of the 16th to win it.



Weekly Weigh-In

fat Weight=175. Not terrible, not great. According to most sources, it seems I need to lose two pounds to be within the”normal” weight range. I’d say 170 would be a reasonable goal. Ideally, 165.

Let’s see what I can do about this. I think the key is to eat less.