June WordPress Meeting

Liam Dempsey talked about overcoming the fear of meeting new people. “Seven Observations, Five Decisions, and Thirteen Tactics”.

Seven Observations

  1. Anything worth doing takes much effort
  2. It’s who you know that opens doors
  3. Networking and public speaking are hugely valuable skills
  4. I’m intrinsically valuable
  5. I’ve worked hard to follow my dreams
  6. I  really want to be comfortable speaking to new people
  7. People are amazing

Five Decisions

  1. “I can be outgoing” is just like “I can learn to code”
  2. Admit my fear and overcome it
  3. In order to connect I need to share
  4. I like meeting new people, networking, and presenting
  5. Success at difficult tasks requires planning

Thirteen Tactics

  1. Anchor myself
  2. Write down a strategy
  3. Do the homework
  4. Set event specific goals (include quick wins,  like “talk  to two  people”. Volunteer.
  5. Follow-up (like a tweet)
  6. Rely on you anchors
  7. Leaving the house is the hardest part
  8. Remember your observations
  9. Believe in yourself
  10. Separate who you are from what you do
  11. Have an elevator speech
  12. Have questions ready and ask them (prepare a series of “off-the-shelf questions”. like “why are you hear” or “what keeps you busy”)
  13. Talk about non-work activities and interests

Remember:  “It’s a Marathon” – “Progress  Matters” and “Know  Yourself”



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