John Adams – David McCullough

john_adamsI’ve read several of McCullough’s books – The Great  Bridge,  Truman, Johnstown Flood. Always enjoyed them. I’ve been struggling a bit with this one. I don’t think it’s the book, I think I’m just tired of the subject. I just finished a biography of George Mason and another of George Washington, so the information is getting repetitive.

Few tidbits about the book……

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Sing Out! – Broadside Magazine

Sing Out! magazine provides access to all back issues of its sister publication, Broadside, on its website.


Check them out here.

Broadside #6


Sing-Out! was an important publication in the 60’s. It was a primitive, homemade-looking magazine, consisting of only a few pages per issue. However, it is a wonderful document of the politics of the time and the role folk music played. Bob Dylan, Pete Seeger, Phil Ochs and many, many others contributed. Blowin’ in the Wind is featured in Issue #6.

Really enjoyable to read all these years later. Thanks to Sing Out! for making it available for free.

Weekly Weigh-In

fat Weight=175. Not terrible, not great. According to most sources, it seems I need to lose two pounds to be within the”normal” weight range. I’d say 170 would be a reasonable goal. Ideally, 165.

Let’s see what I can do about this. I think the key is to eat less.