Bartlett Tree Experts

The guy from Bartlett Tree Experts come  out and told us a lot of good information about our trees and shrubs.  Below is summary of what he had to say.

He said the large, smooth barked trees in the backyard are American Beeches. The other big ones are Tulip Poplars. He said both are very sturdy and usually have very few problems. He saw nothing nothing wrong with ours.

He said our Hemlock out front is dying. They really should not be grown around here,  not  native. Too hot. Will only live 20 to 3o years. Once green dies it will not  grow back.

As for the japanese hollies (?) out front next to the house. Said we  could cutout branches to allow light inside. Then leaves will grow again on the inside.

He gave us a few things that we should look out for.

  • The black spot with the liquid pouring down on one of them is a virus. Said it is not a problem. Often happens when there is a lot of rain.
  • Cavities of only a few inches are not a problem.
  • When the wind blows hard, the trunk should move very little. If it does, it is a  sign it could fall.
  • Another bad sign is if the soil around the tree becomes  uneven.
  • Watering coming down the side – “Splunge” (?)-    not a problem.
  • Roots visible from the ground are not a problem.