Blue Valentine

Watching it right now. Starring Ryan Gosling, mister handsome who starred in that piece of crap La-La Land. Also starring Michelle Williams who was not in that piece of shit, but was in the fabulous Manchester by the Sea.

So far my kind of movie, dark and depressing.

Directed by Derek Cainfrance. Never heard of him. He also wrote it with some other guys I’ve never heard of.

Ok, the movie is well done. and i have to say Gosling is good, makes the character real. He’s too handsome for me to like though.

The character might be a flawed. First, the dialog seems to be too intelligent for his character, a blue-collar, alcoholic who plays the ukulele. The same, to a lessor extent, is true of Williams’ character.

The scene were she dances while plays ukulele in the street is charming. Also breaks up the monotony of the marriage desolution, which seems to be going on for fucking ever.

I like it, but it’s just too much one note, over and over, the marriage going down the shitter. Needs something more. Maybe should have focused more on when they were happy.

It’s also too long. Woody Allen was right, a movie should be an hour and a half.

It finally ended. All I can really say is glad it’s over.