Went to Capitals Game

Dylan, Yavar, and I went to Capital One to see the Capitals play the Nashville Predators. Lost 5-4. The Caps goaltender accidentally passed the puck to the other team, which resulted in a goal. Whoops.


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Big crowd.


Steve Forbert Show

Went with Dylan to the Steve Forbert show at the City Winery in DC last night. He played the Jackrabbit Slim in its entirety, in celebration of the 40th anniversary of its release. His band was truly outstanding! City Winery is a fine place to see a show, more than decent food.


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Shin Yun

Saw the Shin Yun troupe at the George Mason Concert Hall. A somewhat strange mixture of Chinese traditional dance and religious cult propaganda. The group is banned in China. Part of the show focused on the repression of free expression in China, religious expression in particular. The dancing was entertaining and the show was educational.


Jonathan Richman Show

Saw Richman again at the 9:30 show.

Complaints. Too short. He only played part of both Summer Feeling and Affection. ūüôĀ

Still a great show. I’m¬† glad I¬† found out about him. He has a very unique sensibility, outlook.

The highlight for me was “When We Refuse to Suffer”, a song I¬† was not familar with before. Profound.

Sad Trumpets of the Afternoon was another highlight.

People Are Disqusting.

The one in Italian (?). “Feel bad about¬† that for¬† a year” etc..




Saw “Hold These Truths” at Arena Stage


Went to Studio Theatre to See Object Lesson

I  wanted the boys to see a play a bit off the beaten trail. Mission accomplished. Play used boxes of stuff stored in an attic to represent our past experiences. Set was a huge attic full of boxes; no seats, the actor wandered around the room, pulling stuff out and looking thru the boxes. No seats -we sat on boxes.  Definitely a worthwhile experience. The bit where he makes salad with ice skates was particularly funny.


Went to See Nationals – Greatest Game Ever

We went to see the Nats play the Twins yesterday. What a game.

Game story.

Strasburg started, pitched well until he gave up a three-run homer late. Harper pinch-hit in the eight, homered like the stud he is to tie the game. Nats ran out of position players, so pitchers pinch-hit, hit for themselves. in the 15th, relief pitcher Perez laid down a good bunt, but  the catcher in his rush overthrew first base, and Espinoza scored from second to tie it. Heisey of all people homered in the bottom of the 16th to win it.




Laurie Anderson Show at the Kennedy Center

Went to see Laurie Anderson’s show, Language of the Future, last Saturday night.

Anderson has always appealed to ¬†me, even though she is about as far way as you can get from my musical sweet spot, American root music. I don’t know a lot about her type of art, but it seems to me her way of combining music, words, and multi-media is something special. I also have an affinity for her existential themes, and her relationship with the Beat generation.

I wish I could buy a dvd of the concert; type of thing it would nice to watch over and over.

An oldie.


Steve Fobert Show

Went to see my old favorite, Steve Forbert, Friday night. His first album,  Alive on Arrival, come out on 1978. The song Going Down to Laurel got a  little bit of radio airplay. I was hooked immediately.

Forbert may not be one of the greats like Paul Simon or Bob Dylan, but I feel he’s definitely in the next tier down. He has a lyrical gift, which I believe is what drew me in long ¬†ago.

Well, well I’m goin’ down to Laurel
It’s a dirty stinkin’ town, yeah
But me I know exactly
What I’m going to find

Little girl I’m goin’ to see
She is a fool for lovin’ me
But she’s in love
And love’s a funny state of mind

Alive on Arrival really nailed what it’s like to be a young, carefree and careless guy out to have a good time. It’s probably his best album, but he has continued to make high quality records up to this day. He’s worth checking out.

The show was highly enjoyable. He played a good mix of old and new  tunes. It was nice to see all the fellow fans. I felt like a member of a  special, secret  club.  Too bad so few people know him.