Coolidge – Amity Shales

Born and raised in Vermont.  Father held many positions, including farmer, storekeeper, state senator.

Attended Amherst. Struggled early, found his way late as a member of debate team. Excelled, won awards.

Read law. Moved to Massachusetts. Married in 1905. Elected to state House of Representatives. Elected governor in 1915.

Vice President to Harding. Becomes President when Harding died of heart attack.

Biggest achievements centered around fiscal matters. He shrank the size of the federal government. Significantly reduced the national debt. He also was an early supply side amateur economist. He cut taxes which according to the author reduced the deficit (I am deeply sckepital.)

He refused to run for a second terms even though he was very likely to win.

Was known as “Silent Cal.”

Died of a heart attack at 60.