FDR – Jean Smith

father Roosevelt. Mother Delano.
Spring wood Roosevelt.not Rhode island.
Groton. Harvard. Editor crimson.
Eleanor. Also Roosevelt. Father Elliot big drunk.
Eleanor went to Allenwood school.
Columbia law school.poor
Sara purchased house east 36th
and Campobello house. Cottage. 36 rooms. Eleanor loved.
Eleanor did care for children. Had nurses care for hers.
Never wanted to practice law. Early ambition to be President.
Richard Connell helped in state senate campaign. Fdr loved campaigning. Great salesman.
Triangle shirt waist fire. 54 hour a week bill. Get did not support.
Frances Perkins
Big ti m Sullivan
Inez millholland
 Louis Howe
Fdr helped Wilson get elected. Wilson have him assistant sec.of the navy. Wilson like trump did not consider expertise when assigning positions.
Root.. “Whenever a Roosevelt rides, he wishes to ride in front.”
 Wilson segregated the civilian workforce.
Joshua Daniels
 “They maybe son of a bitch es but they are our son of abitches “
Won run for governor.
Flew to convention afterwon. First.
Assassination attempt.
When on sailing adventure after winning presidency.
Elected president in landslide.
at inaugurat ioh. “Faith, hope, charity, all three. But most of all charity”
 gear itself. Judged great address.
Declared bank holiday. Banned sending good or of country. Banned exchange to foreign currency.
Cut government spending. Cut salaries by 15% and cut veteran benefits.
Farmers paid not to produce crops.
Tennesse valley authority.
Rolled back Volstead act. “Time for a beer.”
HOLC home loans.
Off the gold standard
 “Hoover sent the army. R. Sent his wife.”
 establish FDIC (get not in favor)
Ms. Nesbitt the bad cook
Sailing vacation. Sail by “dead reckoning.”
 litvinov agreement (alaska)
Huey long share our wealth club
Dr. Francis Townsend. Proposed whatqbecame social security
Einstein playing vieolainx!!!!
Social security. Perkins lead. Fdr passion.
Works Progress administration. Harry Hopkins mostly ran. Also piIckles and wallace. Army corps of engineers played major role
Luicius Clay.
Rural electrification act. Fdr lead.
Wagner labor relations act
Saught to make second campaign,which he knew he would win, a”cruusade “.
” old man with a hoe”
 “n vain they seek to hide behind the day and the constitution.” Franklin stadium speech.
Smith. Union party. “Teach them how to hate.” Said to focus on patriotism and religion. Which would heat them up.
 “The test of our progress is not….”
 Congress has altered the size of the supreme court six times
Tried to enlarge supreme court. Lost. Failed to cooperate..Lost control of Congress. Could get little past even with large dem. Majorities.
1937 for slashed government spending. hurt economy.
Mary Bethune
Fair labx?or standards act
Deemocractic purge campaign
Dislliked  the state department. Thought bunch of rich kids
Crystal night
King james. Got dogs.
 “Cash and carry”
Lindbergh big racist
Stab in the back speech
Wendell Willie
Wallace. Boarding for third term if Wallace not approved
Century group.,, Trade destroyers for based
Irita van doren
Robert Sherwood
The best willkie easily. He likes willkie.
Great with the press.
 “Suppose my neighbors home…” Arsenal of democracy speech
 “No man can take a tiger into a kitten by stroking it…”
The four freedoms..
Philip Randolph
Kimmel and stark pearl harbor
Alfonso fields. “want to leave here as friends right?
Church v for victory sign
Battle of mIdway
Molotov and his secretaries
Uboat sinking
Gi Bill
Servo beria
Bethesda naval hospital Roosevelt tower
Howard breunn
Wannsee conference
StAte department blocked random payments to rescue jews. For approved.
Rally wallenberg
Starlet hotel