George H. Bush – Tom Wicker

Bush’s father was a senator from Connecticut.  And executive at steel company. Ann Richards said he was born with a silver foot in his mouth 

Volunteer ww11 youngest pilot in navy

Shot down rescued at sea

Captain and first baseman of yale baseball team 

Moved to Texas to work in oil. Father helped 

Second child died of leukemia 

Zapata oil became very successful. Bush and partner became rich quickly 

Partner liekte eventually controlled pennzoil 

Ran for Senate lost ran Congress won ran again for Senate against Benton lost again. Appointed ambassador to un by Nixon 

Nixon made him head of rnc 

“Little wiener nations”

Told Nixon to his face that he should resign, during a cabinet meeting 

Ford let him go to China as diplomat

Ford appointed him to head CIA 

Ran nasty campaign against Dukakis. Horton. Stupid capital punishment question. “No new taxes”

Was big into friendship. Loyal.

Soviet union feel during his administration

Backed failed coup in Panama.

Cheney was his secretary of defense

Invaded Panama after they declared war on u.s.

Gulf war

Unemployment at 6.1 % then 7%