Gerald Ford – Douglas Brinkley

Real name leslie king. Mother left violent father two weeks after birth. Moved back with parents in Michigan

Born Nebraska

Eagles scout and football star 

Offered contract by packers and lions

Yale law school 

Joined navy during ww11. Served on battleship 

Father joined Home Front. Group against McKay GOP who controlled Michigan politics. At Ford jr. Request.

Primaried incumbent. Won. Only lost one c as campaign 

Knew Kennedy

Good friend with nixon. Both not privileged. Both internatuonalists. Did agreed on domestic issues. Football fsns.

Tried to remove Douglas from supreme court while in Congress 

Supported Campus Disorders act. Which withheld federal subsidies from students who participated in campus protests 

Douglas blood points of rebellion supported right to protest


Nixon wanted him to do it. Erlicmsn notes s as I’d so.

Patmsn hearing tut o follow money in Watergate. Ford helped squash 

Ford continued to support Nixon after others in GOP turned 

Agnew resigned. Ford came in fourth in poll. Behind rockafeller connally Reagan 

“I am a Ford, not a Lincoln “

Came out strongly on wrong side of Watergate 

Quote about the Anderson ‘voted concious not party’ meant as criticism 

Not s leader. 

Delibrity stayed ignorant of Nixon’s guilt 

Named Rockefeller as vp.

Haig was telling Nixon everything Ford said in regard to pardon 

Not popular “jail ford”


Dem congress 

Did not respond to vietcong taking phouc binh

Tulane university speech. War over

Ford said all Viet ads meze who got out could st as y in u.s.

Only unelected president 


Helsinki accords. Human rights. Ford was supporter. Not popular

GOP thought Ford policies too liberal 

Was stuck between conservative GOP and Democrats 

Economy was terrible . High interest rates high unemployment 

An imagination attempt

Squeakie from me and Sara Moore  two attempts 

Fired Rockefeller regrets later. Over NYC fiscal crisis

Made Rumsfeld secretary of defense 

Halloween massacre 

East Timor