Glen Fry – Take It Easy

Glen Frey of the Eagles died the other day. I was never a big fan, but everybody likes the Eagles at least a little. They had some really catchy tunes.

The Eagles defined a certain time, place, and attitude. Nobody, with the possible exception of Jimmy Buffet, ever expressed laid-back California cool quite as well. Take It Easy was the best example.

lighten up while you still can

don’t even try to understand

just find a place to play your hand

takin’ it easy


(That’s some really good advice actually. I’ll try to remember that.)

Glen Frey might have a been a little bit of an asshole, judging by the numerous interviews with associates. He also comes off pretty badly in the recently released documentary film. But who knows?

Judging from the film, money – the abundance of it – led to the group’s demise. Too bad. The Eagles were more than the sum of their parts; none of them achieved as much on their own as they did together.

Funny how too much of something good can be almost as bad as too little.