Great Quotes

Great Quotes

The Great Quotes plugin provides an easy way to add rotating quotations to a WordPress site. It supports multiple widgets and multiple shortcodes per page. Clicking on the author’s name opens a new tab with his Wikipedia entry. It provides the ability to add, edit, and delete quotations. Approximately 20,000 quotes are pre-loaded into the database.

The plugin randomly chooses 200 quotes from the database each time a page is displayed that contains a Great Quotes widget or shortcode. Limiting the number of quotes loaded is done to avoid noticeably slowing the page load time. Besides, reading thru 200 quotes takes a considerable time – it’s unlikely a website visitor will read that many before going to another page.

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Great Quotes

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Great Quotes

Installation Instructions

  1. Upload ‘great-quotes’ folder to the ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress

Usage Instructions

To enter quotations, go to Tools > Great Quotes

To display “great quotes” on a web page you have two options:

1) Add a shortcode, examples below, to a page (more than one is ok). All options are optional.


[GreatQuotes title="Great Quotes" delay="20000" fontsize="15" textcolor="blue"]

The shortcode options can also be edited at Settings > Great Quotes. If a shortcode does not included a short-code option, the default will be taken from the Options page.

2) Create a widget(s) got to Appearance > Widgets

If you decide to enter quotations with more than 170 or so characters, or use a font size great than 20,  you’ll probably need to modify the CSS.

To modify a shortcode, do something like the following:

#Silder_holder# .bx-wrapper .bx-viewport {
 height: 300px !important;

Use Google Chrome "Inspect" (right click on quote/Inspect)to determine what to substitute for the # above. It will be "1" unless you have more than one shortcode on your page.

Similarly, to modify a widget,  do something like the following:

Silder_holdergreat_quotes_widget_# .bx-wrapper .bx-viewport {
 height: 300px !important;

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I include more than one shortcode on a page?
Yes, the plugin is designed to handle more than one quote area on an individual page.

Can I have more than one Great Quote widget on my site?

Can I put HTML code in the quote? 

Can Great Quotes make my quotes look exactly like I want them to? 
Maybe not. It’s likely you’ll want to add some CSS to your site to get it to look exactly the way you want. If you don’t know what CSS means, well, that’s going to be a problem. CSS is a bit confusing. Start here.

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