Grover Cleveland – Henry Graff

Born in 1837. Grew up in New York state. Father was a minister. Father’s death prevented his attending college. With helped of his well-off uncle, he joined a law firm in Buffalo, and eventually passed the bar.

A Democrat, was elected as Mayor of Buffalo. In 1882 was elected governor of New York. Was known as the “veto governor”. He was a very hard worker. And very fat. Nicknamed “Uncle Jumbo.”
Possibly fathered a child out of wedlock. May have just been covering for his friend.
Won presidency over Blaine in a very close election. Won popular vote by 24,000, electoral college by 37.
First president to marry during his term. Ceremony held at the White house.
Supported the lowering of tariffs.
Lost reelection to Benjiman Harrison. Hurt by the Murchison Affair. Cleveland won the popular vote but lost Electoral College.
Baby Ruth candy named after his first child who died of diphtheria at thirteen.
Populist party emerged.
Cleveland won second term easily. Democrats also won both houses of Congress.
Another depression hit in 1893.  American Railway Union struck, mainly to protest Pullman “company store” policies, and the 25% reduction in Pullman employees salaries.  Eugene Debs was leader if railway union.  Cleveland used troops to break the strike.
Was a strong proponent of the gold standard.
Was an anti-imperialist. Against annexation of Hawaii.