Herbert Hoover: Extraordinary Man in Extraordinary Times – Ken Whyte

Born in Iowa. Quaker family. Father was a blacksmith.
Came very close to dying at two years saved him.
Quakers lead very simple life. No ornamation. No bright colors. Strong desire to live independently of others in community, the government etc… Believe in a personal relationship with good. Believe community needs over the individual.
Father died when Herbert was six.
His mother died when he was eight.
Lived with uncle,then another uncle, the doctor who has saved his life, adopted him after his son died. Offered free education. Herbert was moved to Oregon to be with him. His uncle believed in “the strenuous life. ”  taught that to bert. According to people in the town he was not treated as an equal in the family.
Graduated stanford. Went to work for mining company. Sent to London then Australia. Wildly successful. Great choices in regard to choosing mines to invest in and also made operations much more efficient. Was ruthless and not always honest.
Taken to court and list about crooked deals in China.
Translated book with wife, De Re Metallica.
Public service was popular among welltodo at the time.
Volunteered to organize help for American tourists stranded in London at outbreak of ww i.
Food relief effort for Belgium ( after Rape of Belgium). CRB
Food relief for Europe after the war.the ARA.
Cabinet member for Harding. Commerce.
Always fascinated by waterways. Devised plan to prevent flooding/ irrigate/ power Colorado river. Negotiated the Colorado river compact.
Created vehicle safety stand. Created what became the faa. And fcc.
Saved literally millions of Russian lives with food relief.
Book. American Individualism.
Mississippi floods. Hoover led relief effort.
Ran for president against smith. Antu-catholic fever. Won easily. Carried forthy states.
His administration took many ideas from t. Roosevelt.
Professional ism.
Are like strarving man not fussy.
 “Hoover holiday”
Samuel Roth venus in furs
Reconstruction finance corporation
Glass -Seagall act
Revenue act of 1932
Survey showed that prohibition was biggest factor in election lost
dark Ford
Edsall Ford