How to Live or A Life of Montaigne – Sarah Bakewell

Pretty interesting. Original idea to break the  philosopher’s work down into maxims on how to live a life.  I  felt it got bogged down a lot towards the end, then picked up again at the very end.

Random Notes

Though the had “tardy understanding” p. 72
But once got it, held firmly
Good judgem
“Slow Movement” p. 72
Huguenots = Protestant
Chapter six tricks
Epircereans, stoics, skrpics
S and e thought big problems in lifev caused by too little attention to present and not enough control of emotions. Developed tricks. So did m.
Skepticism seems interesting. Sextus Hyptyphosis
Socrates. “All I know is that I know nothing.”
See middle page 126
P 128 essays fill of skepticism ideas
Had symbol
P.129 human being’s perception may be limited by definition
Descartes and Pascal disliked Montaigne’s work
For m. Put people on same level as animals. Descartes said no poeplke can think are conscious
“It seems to me that we can never be despised as much as we deserve. “
Chapter – Keep your humanity
St. Bartholomew Day. Protestant leader murdered. 1572 August 24. Fighting in streets between Protestant and Catholics. Charles IX and mother Catherine Medici.
Killings went on for years. Catholics saw it as sign of end times. God on their side.
Chapter 13 do something not done before
Published first version of essays 1580
Immediately popular
P. “Inward gaze” see quote p. 224
MarGournay Gourney
Bordeaux copy