Jungle Book – in 3D

I doubt I would have gone to see it on my own volition, but now that I have seen it, I gotta say I’m glad I did: more than just pretty good. I liked it.

I’m not sure how much i would have liked it without the 3D. It has a good story,  based on the well-known but not  to me children’s story by Rudyard Kipling. Certainly the “acting” was good; Bill  Murray has the friendly bear was at time hysterical.   Scarlett Johannsen  (sp.) turn as a sneaky snake was clever.

Then again, it is a children’s story, so by definition was a bit predictable and sentimental,  and this one was probably above average in  both areas.

The 3D / animation certainly put it over the top. The whole time your asking yourself “how the hell did they do that, and how much  did it cost?”

Anyway, enjoyable movie, easily worth the time and money.