The Florida Project

Directed by Sean Baker, who also did The Prince of Broadway and Take Out, but of which were ultra-low budget movies that I really liked.

The one seems to have had a bigger budget. Willem Defoe was a co-star. Still had the look  and feel of an art-film.

Plot centered around a young stripper/ part-time prostitute and her child and their “adventures” living in a low-rent motel close to Disneyland.

Film did a nice job of developing the characters and portraying the challenges of living with low/no income. Characters, especially the mother,  were very believable  and gave real insight into their lives. Defoe’s character as the motel manager was also well-done. The kids were amazing “actors”.

That being  said,  the  movie had major flaws. The plot really didn’t go anywhere, the same dysfunctional personality disorders were repeated over and over.

Still, I liked the movie quite a bit.