Uylesses S. Grant – Josiah Bunting III

A real page-turner. Grant was an interesting man, during an interesting time. Book makes him out to be a pretty extraordinary guy: uninterested in ceremony and affect, but keenly interested in getting whatever the job was complete.




Some  highlights:

  • Born in Ohio
  • only 5’1″  tall
  • Was nicknamed “useless” (a play on his first name).  
  • Was very interested in horses. Was the  horse-expert in his town.
  • Simpson was not his real middle name. It was the the result of a paperwork error his supporter made on his application to West Point.
  • Was in indifferent student. Studied very little at WP, would just clance over  book before test.
  • Up and down early military career. Good  solider, but not  impressive to superior s do to  his dislike for military ceremony a, sloppy dress, etc. 
  • finally was kicked out of service for showing up drunk
  • faired poorly trying to  support family as farmer, shop keeper.
  • at outbreak of civil war got  back  into  military,  and quickly put  in leadership role.
  • led an important victory in Fort Denson (sp), and  later Vicksburg.
  • when  from out of military to general of entire force in less  htan three years
  • ran for president as a republican. won, had a pretty sucessful first time. much focus on reconstruction, insistent on freeman rights.
  • second term less sucessful.  many scandels.
  • broke again after presidency.   his  partner in a stock brokerage firm stole all his money. benefactors help him survive.
  • wrote his memoirs,  which  are highly praised for literary style
  • died  of throat cancer