Vacation to Florida

9/13/18 – Arrival in Miami

Decent flight from Dulles to Miami International. American Airlines.  Checked into the Villa Paradiso. Nice garden, but an old pretty decrepit.  Very loud air conditioner that ran 24/7. Walked around town.

9/14/18 – Picked up Nasrin from airport. At lunch at a decent Indian restaurant. Walked along Ocean Drive/South Beach in the evening. Cool Art Deco architecture.  Neon lighting.Lot of young folks partying at the bars. At dinner at a Cuban place, Yucca.  Good, unusual vegetarian lasagna.

9/15/18 – Took a tour to the Holiday Alligator Park in the Everglades. The driver, Leah, told us this story about adopting her husband’s daughter’s young child. The daughter has an extreme drug problem.

Could have just driven to the place ourselves. Anyway, it was easy. Pretty fun boat ride, saw a bunch of alligators.

Took another walk along South Beach. Met a woman who worked at the New York Times. She said she had just  done a video about a ballot measure that would allow felons to get their voting rights back after completing  their sentence.

9/16/18 – Drove to Key West

Drove down to Key West. Nice drive, especially the Seven Mile Bridge area. Stayed in a really, really cool boutique hotel, The Gardens Hotel. Saw the mile zero marker. Ate at Azurs, a Mediterranean restaurant.  Watch sunset at Mallory Square. Really special. Fun how the crowd cheered.

9/17/18  -Drove to Key Largo

Stopped at Robbie’s and feed the giant Tureon fish. Wow. Stopped at the Rain Barrel, lots of cool stuff for sale.

Checked in to the Marriott Playa Resort, a pretty spectacular place. Watch the sunset from their private beach.  Swam in the pool. Had it all to ourselves.

9/18/18 – Drove to Fort Lauderdale

Visited Bonnet house.  Perhaps the coolest house I  ever saw.

Used Jet Blue then Uber for the ride home. Fine.