WordPress by Steve

WordPress is a pretty cool tool, a very powerful content management system that simplifies web site development. I “do WordPress” as a hobby. Here’s a few things I’ve done so far.


Country Club Hills Civic Association

Created the site below  for my own neighborhood, replacing an older, unorganized, and difficult to maintain site. Converted hundreds of html pages/images. The new site uses the free Twenty Fourteen WordPress theme, which provides a modern, responsive interface, plus blogging and CMS capabilities.

Country Club Hills Civic Association Website



The Dylan Commentaries

I site based on my research on Bob Dylan’s first eight albums. Uses the CommentPress theme, which is typically used for literary academic projects.

Dylan Commentaries



Flexible Quote Rotator Plus

My first WordPress plugin. Flexible Quote Rotator Plus displays quotations on a WordPress Site. Lots of options to control rotation speed, colors, size,font etc. Here it is in action.


Loading Quotes...


Great Quotes

My newest plugin, Great Quotes. This plugin rotates quotes from a database of about 20,000 quotes. Is  responsive. Uses the bxslider javascript library.

You can see it in “action” here: